Your Impact: Reaching Youth Beyond Town Limits

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Reaching youth beyond Town Limits with United Way Funding

The Hillsborough Boys and Girls Club satellite program is an offshoot of the Riverview program. RCMP and local business owners who were struggling with high rates of mischief, vandalism and theft pitched the idea, and Village council welcomed the program. Just one year in, RCMP officers confirmed that mischief and vandalism calls had nearly disappeared…thanks in part to the presence of the Drop-In program.

girl-sitting-posing-treesSometimes programs like this mean more than just a place to go. Kate* offered proof of the program’s value when she spoke at a local Boys and Girls Club event. The event, attended by parents, politicians, sponsors and friends was meant to showcase the growth of the program through video, stories, and pictures. Unexpectedly, Kate asked to speak to the crowd. She talked about how lonely she’d been. She didn’t play sports and had few friends. She explained how the Drop-In program staff made her feel like she “belonged”. She finally had a place that made her feel safe. She thanked everyone by name. Before she left the podium, she looked at the staff of the program and said, “I want you to know, you saved my life”.

This is just one of the thousands of people whose lives have been changed thanks to financial support from your donation.


*Name has been changed

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