The Anglophone East School District identified an alarming rate of absenteeism in High School, with girls rising to rival the boys in numbers. This was seen as simply an indicator of something bigger, that the issue is actually connected to more complex problems around Mental Fitness and Health. The decision was made to focus our resources on two Urban High Schools- Harrison Trimble and Moncton High Schools, where strong partnerships and opportunities for collaboration already existed, along with their neighbourhood catchment areas.

The goal of You Turns partnership is that every youth and child is empowered and resilient; connected to and supported by positive, healthy and safe environments. Our guiding principles are trust, commitment, inclusivity and a strength-based approach.

In keeping with the Developmental Asset framework, the partners in You Turns are working to change both external and internal assets.

External change:

 Young people are connected to caring and consistent adult and older youth relationships.

 Young people are provided meaningful roles and encouraged to do well.

 Young people are involved in positive social activities.

Internal change:

 Young people are committed to learning.

 Young people demonstrate social competencies and positive values.

 Young people have a positive view of the future.


  • United Way of Greater Moncton and Southeastern NB Region
  • Anglophone East School District
  • Moncton Regional Learning Council
  • Canadian Mental Health Association (Moncton)
  • Atlantic  Wellness Community Centre
  • Boys & Girls Club of Moncton


  • Department of Social Development – GNB         
  • YWCA of Moncton


  • Moncton High School
  • Harrison Trimble High School
  • NB Health Council
  • Public Health Nurses


  • Codiac RCMP