United Way Quidditch Tournament: Dodge Ball and Tag on Brooms

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The United Way, in partnership with the Frye Festival and Moncton Sportsdome, invites you to participate in the 2nd annual United Way Quidditch Tournament: Dodge Ball and Tag on Brooms! Thursday, April 23rd from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Moncton Sportsdome. This event is proudly sponsored by 91.9  The Bend, OMISTA Credit Union and ADVANCE SAVINGS Credit Union.

Get your team together and register before April 13th because we will only be having 12 teams and spots will be filling up quick! (make sure you fill out and return the Registration form and have the Waiver Form for you and each team member with you on April 13th).

Special features include:

  • Spirit Awards
  • Awards for best costume
  • Special emphasis on the Power of reading

For United Way the Quidditch tournament is a fun and different way to help kids be all that they can be; one of the 3 main focus areas that guide our work.

United Way is pleased to be building on the great partnership with the Frye Festival that began through our United Way All Star Coaches last year. This year our All Star Coaches are happy to be participating in the Quidditch event, and are helping to create an opportunity for connections between adults and youth, to promote non-traditional ways of being active, to value diversity, and to support Reading for Fun.

 What is Quidditch?

For those who are familiar with Harry Potter (Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling), it is very much like the spot in the books: a little safer since here we “ride” on brooms but stay on the ground!

For those who are not familiar with it:

A Quidditch is a game made up of 2 teams of seven athletes who play with brooms between their legs at all times. While the game can appear chaotic to the casual observer, once familiar with the basic rules, Quidditch is an exciting sport to watch and even more exciting to play.

Three chasers score goals worth 10 points each by sending a vol­leyball called the quaffle through one of the hoops. They advance the ball down the field by running with it, passing it to teammates, or kicking it. Each team has a keeper who defends the goal hoops.

Two beaters use dodge balls called bludgers to disrupt the flow of the game by “knocking out” other players. Any player hit by a bludger is out of play until they touch their own goals.

Each team also has a seeker who tries to catch the snitch. The snitch is a ball attached to the waistband of the snitch runner, a neutral athlete in a yellow uniform who uses any means to avoid capture. The snitch is worth 30 points and its capture ends the game.

For more information contact Paul Tonerptoner@moncton.unitedway.ca or 858-8600 ext. 3665

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