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We help positive, long-term social change happen. We help make our communities and region better. As the backbone of an area-wide network of non-profits, we use strategic thinking, research, and powerful partnerships to change lives.

How we do it

We tackle tough problems. How? By researching to better understand the issues in our community, advocating for those who don’t have a voice, funding and partnering with the most effective local organizations who create real opportunities and measuring the results.


We work to understand our communities and region better. We are constantly working to understand our dynamic and constantly changing community to create better spaces for everyone.


United Way’s advocacy work encompasses the fostering of constructive relationships and mutual understanding among decision-makers and public policy framers. It includes speaking up on public policy issues that directly impact our priority goals. It sees us playing an active role in developing a “common voice” on behalf of the community sector.


We draw on vast expertise available from across our region and bring the right people, organizations and skills to the table to deal with specific issues. From our Youth First committee to our Campaign Cabinet, members of the community are working with us to solve complex issues.


The Community Investment Committee is a group of local community members who evaluate and make decisions regarding investments from the Community Fund in their region.

By the numbers

We invest in programs and initiatives to change the lives of people all across our region.




Program Investments




Lives Changed