Gardener working on plants

Food security is a big part of moving people from poverty to possibility. The United Way believes that everyone should have yummy and healthy food choices, and is working on making this available to all members of the community.

Most recently in partnership with the Community Inclusion Network and the Westmorland Albert Food Security Group, the United Way played a lead role in Creating a Place for Food which promotes healthy food choices, food secure regions, and increased access to healthy food.

The United Way Community Food Mentor Initiative started in 2010 and teaches food mentors the basic of food security that can then be taught and passed on to their communities in our region. This initiative has now been broadened to cover the province thanks to the Department of Health and Inclusive Communities and the New Brunswick Food Security Action Network.

We are also pleased to report that the United Way, in partnership with La Recolte de Chez Nous and the Rural Social Justice Centre for Research at Saint Thomas University, was the recipient of the McConnell Family Foundation Sustainable Food Systems grant to increase our work around food security in the region.