Featured Loan Representative: Sally Blades

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Sally Blades, Loan Representative: FRHI, Sr. Reservation Sales Agent/ Customer Service Support Agent

“Like a lot of long term employees, I had felt stuck in the workplace culture, so being able to get out of the environment for a few weeks and really make a difference has left me feeling refreshed and with a brand new perspective!”


Sally was born in St. John and raised in Moncton, NB. She is the proud mother of one teenage son; she enjoys cooking and has played the piano since age four. Sally had applied for the opportunity to represent her company at United Way several years ago, however she was told at the time that she needed to increase her skillset and experience, so when she was chosen this time around she was extremely excited to be given a second chance. “The HR Director at my company is a huge ambassador for United Way and the company itself has always been a huge supporter. They view this as a huge opportunity and honor!”

Being a very reserved and quiet person by nature, Sally was very excited to be able to step outside of her comfort zone and interact with a whole new group of people and experiences. “I am a very shy person so it is great to have reached a point where I feel comfortable enough to really put myself out there and connect with people!” Along with meeting so many incredible people and experiencing so many new things, she was also surprised to learn just how many skills from her previous work experience would come in handy during her time at United Way.

“Being here I have realized that so many of my life and work experiences, including being a Mother, have given me a wealth of transferrable skills that can be applied across many different fields. A lot of these skills, such as creativity and being able to think outside of the box, I have often used at home as a parent. Surprisingly, many of these have also proven useful during my time here that I didn’t necessary expect to use!”

As far as what she hopes to gain from her time with United Way, Sally hopes to continue to expand upon her skills, get a better sense of community and continue to make a difference in the lives of others. The time spent with United Way has allowed her to see her work make a genuine impact and wield concrete results. “The experience has absolutely surpassed my expectations! I have learnt a lot about the community that I grew up in and that I maybe should have been more informed about! I couldn’t have asked for a better organization to be involved with and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many motivated, dedicated and friendly people!”

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