Featured Loan Representative: Louisa Melanson

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Louisa Melanson, Loan Representative: UPS, Customer Service/ Team Leader

Going in to this experience I wasn’t sure what to expect beyond doing administrative work so when we dove right in head first and dealt hands on with so many different companies and opportunities it definitely went above and beyond my expectations!”

Louisa Melanson is married with three adult children. She is an avid traveller and was a Girl Guides leader for eleven years. She has been involved with United Way for 14 years and was the Chairperson of the Special Events committee, so when it came forward that they were seeking loan reps she knew it was the perfect opportunity to be able to get involved and make a change. “I have absolutely loved getting to know the staff. They are so friendly and extremely easy to work with!” Louisa also has an interest in learning about the different organizations, notably the Cavalier Riding Club, an organization that works with special needs children and individuals by giving them the opportunity to go horseback riding.

Louisa’s time at United Way has also given her a chance to continue working on improving her presentation skills by forcing her to put herself out there and communicate with people from all walks of life. “Last week we had a guest speaker come in who gave us a lot of really neat tips about giving an oral presentation. I am not very comfortable speaking in front of an audience so this actually proved to be extremely helpful for me!”

When asked what she hopes to gain from her work with United Way she emphasized how she intends to use the knowledge and experience she has gained during her time there to continue helping others. “I hope to leave with a broadened network and a little more knowledge surrounding everything that United Way does and how the organization has become so successful! I intend to use my newfound knowledge and contacts to find other new, innovative ways to build a strong and caring community.”

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