Featured Loan Representative: Jacques Laprise

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Jacques Laprise, Loan Representative: Sr. Executive Director, Strategic Services Branch, Service Canada

“I was extremely impressed by the level of organization, discipline and principle shown at United Way!”

Jacques Laprise was born in Edmonston but has lived in Moncton for over ten years. He is an avid traveller who has visited every continent except Australia and has been involved in international development for places such as The Philippines, serving as the Canada Team Leader.

Jacques was approaching retirement when he was asked to serve as a Loan Rep for United Way as part of the GCWCC (Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign). “It seemed like a great way to connect with the community, to be exposed to the various goings on in the area and as an opportunity to share my knowledge.” He was immediately on board as it meant a new chance to both gain knowledge of the happenings in Greater Moncton, as well as a way to help him decide how to best donate his time after retirement.

Jacques has stated that the experience has greatly surpassed his expectations and gave him newfound appreciation for the amount of creativity and innovation necessary to succeed, contribute and grow as an organization. “I also really enjoyed the ‘selling’ aspect and the ‘Don’t sit. Act!’ mentality. I like that you can see concrete results being achieved. It is definitely very fulfilling as an experience!”

When asked what his favorite experience with United Way has been thus far he stated: “I really enjoyed our visit to the Boy and Girls Clubs, it is exciting to be involved in such a wide reaching organization. I also really appreciate being able to assist with the integration of immigrants into our community!” Jacques was surprised to learn not only how much fundraising United Way does, but also how big of a role they play as community builders, as opposed to simply being an intermediary between organizations and donors. This experience has proven to be a perfect stepping stone to retirement allowing him to take an active role in helping to build strong communities and positively impact the lives of others while allowing him to grow his network and share his wealth of knowledge with others.

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