Featured Loan Representative: Donna Donovan

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Donna Donovan – UPS

Donna Donovan


Donna Donovan was born in Moncton, NB. She lived in Toronto and Charlottetown for part of her childhood but moved back to Moncton when she was nine and has lived here since. She has one adult son who lives with her at home. Donna has a ton of hobbies – she loves anything creative, but she focuses mainly on scrapbooking/card-making, jigsaw puzzles, reading, crocheting and knitting.  She is also an avid member of a group called “The Rock Chicks” which consists of her friends and family who attend rock concerts together (and volunteer at some too!).

Donna has officially been on the United Way Committee at UPS for the past 7 years, but has always been up for lending a helping hand whenever they needed additional volunteers.

When asked why Donna wanted to be a loan representative with the United Way she stated, “I really wanted to have a behind the scenes look at United Way and see how other companies found success in their campaigns and share our best practises. I always volunteered for the same type of events and just knew there had to be more opportunities out there.” Donna also added that she wanted to become more comfortable with public speaking and to be able to use her creative talents at work (which we are very grateful for!).

When asked what Donna’s most memorable moment thus far has been she said, “It is very hard to just choose one!”  She then went on to say that the most rewarding time so far would be volunteering at “Coats for Kids” where she got to help the kids find a warm coat that they liked.

Donna adds, “It has been so awesome to meet all the United Way staff and the other loaned reps. Everyone is so welcoming and I feel that I have a new group of friends for life.”

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