Featured Loan Representative: Dan Parlee

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Dan Parlee, Loan Representative: Royal Bank of Canada, Banking Advisor/ Social Media

“I have wanted to get more involved with volunteer work for a while but it’s one of those things where you always have these excuses for why you can’t, like ‘I am too busy or I don’t know how I can get involved’. After this experience I am leaving with NO EXCUSES and it has inspired me to really pick something I am passionate about and stay involved!”

Dan Parlee is happily married and the proud papa of two “Fur Babies”. In his free time Dan enjoys knitting and participates in an all men’s book club. When the opportunity to go to United Way presented itself his boss encouraged him to take up the offer to learn some new skills and put himself out there. Coming into the experience Dan expected to be doing some light office work but he didn’t realize just how motivating and exciting the experience would be. “I honestly had no clue what we would be doing, so being able to get out there in the community and deal with all of the different companies, meet all types of people and see the volunteers out and about working to improve Greater Moncton, it’s been great! It has definitely far exceeded my expectations!”

Reflecting on his favorite experience thus far Dan admitted that although he had participated in the various fundraising activities through his work, this has really had a positive impact and that it has “Changed me a little bit!”. When reflecting back on his favorite experience with United Way over the past month he insisted that his absolute top experience was “Our trip to the Boys and Girls Club, for sure! It was on the third day and the whole experience really stuck with me more than anything, seeing all of it and participating. I mean, it is an amazing thing to donate to a cause but then getting to see actual results! It is incredible!”

Dan also stated that he has a whole new appreciation for all the internal workings of such a huge charity. “You don’t really think about all of the background stuff necessary to keep things running smoothly! There is definitely a lot of work to be done and I don’t think people realize how much goes into it! I have gained so much from the past month and now I am determined to leave being much more involved in my community. I am grateful to my manager for really encouraging me to take a leap and go for this opportunity that I may have passed up because it has been an incredible experience all around. I have met so many amazing, dedicated people !

“One piece of advice that really stuck with me was when the Toastmasters came to do a presentation and I told them that I was normally very comfortable talking in front of an audience and that I usually don’t get butterflies. She said: ‘If you don’t get ANY butterflies at all then maybe you just don’t care enough! It is ok to be nervous…You don’t have to get rid of the butterflies you just have to get them to fly in formation!’  I thought that was just the neatest piece of advice!” Dan plans to use all of this great advice, connections and knowledge he has gained during the past month to get further involved in his community and continue to do his part, no matter how small, in creating a strong, healthy community.

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