Featured Loan Representative: Cathy LeBlanc

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Cathy LeBlanc: Loan Representative:  Contract Analyst, Medavie BlueCross

“I wanted to be a part of something bigger; somewhere I felt made a difference, and I know that United Way does that! They support so many different agencies in New Brunswick and it is great to be a part of that. I see it in all the places that I visit and how all the agencies connect. It was a big eye opener for me!”



Cathy LeBlanc is a Mom of two boys who was born and raised in Moncton, NB. She is an avid reader, participates in aqua-fitness three times a week and has been involved in door-to-door fundraising for the Canadian Cancer Society.


When Cathy found out that she would be going to United Way she was extremely excited to be given the chance to contribute and learn more about the organization. Also, getting out into the community and meeting people was a huge part of the opportunity that intrigued her. “Getting to know the other reps, seeing how all of our personalities mesh and how well we communicate and work together is just great!”


After spending years in an office atmosphere she felt that it was a great time to step out of her comfort zone and finally put herself out there. “I am used to sitting at a desk, five days a week, almost in my own little bubble. Yet, I know that I can do so much more than that! I know I can communicate with people and make lasting connections. It also helps that United Way is such a great organization and friendly environment to be a part of.”


The experience with United Way has gone above and beyond Cathy’s expectations. It has allowed her to explore and practice skills that aren’t utilized as often in an office atmosphere. She was also pleasantly surprised by the level of involvement and enthusiasm from all involved, including staff and other reps.  “In only four weeks we have seen so much! We have already been able to experience so many different things including taking part in presentations and having people come in to speak to us from various businesses and organizations. Also, the communication, sharing and support from everyone here at United Way has been amazing!”


When asked what she wishes to gain from her time at United Way, she stated: “So many things!! A better understanding of the community of Greater Moncton, a broadened knowledge and understanding of the agencies and organizations that are supported by United Way. Not only gaining more confident in public speaking but also to reach out in areas that I normally wouldn’t take part in. Just being a part of something that makes a real impact. Being able to see the finish line and see the actual concrete results of our efforts.”


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