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Your Dollars at Work (Based on 26 pay period)

$2.78/ pay gives teens a positive, safe place to go after school.

$2.80/ pay brings 361 kids and their families together for a sit down meal.

$3.13/ pay allows one child access to a safe, stimulating environment helping create kids who are resilient and ready to tackle the future.

$4.44/ pay gives 688 participants the knowledge they need to get more “bang for their buck” when eating healthy on a budget.

$4.67/ pay supports services that address the unique educational, social, emotional and physical needs of children and youth.

$8.06/ pay gives a student the positive coping skills they need to stay resilient.

$12.82/ pay allows youth to access the mental health services they need when they need it.

$23.61/ pay gives 114 children positive, caring role models who listen and care about who they are.