Q: How can I find out who the United Way of Greater Moncton and Southeastern New Brunswick Region supports through fundraising?

A: We provide financial and non-financial resources to 26 Community Agencies (28 programs) in Southeastern New Brunswick (Kent, Westmorland and Albert Counties) To learn more about the organizations we support, simply click here. to Top

Q: Are any donations to non-funded agencies accepted?

A: Yes. Some donors have requested that part or all of their contribution go to an organization that is not funded by the United Way. United Way has a donor choice program that lets donors designate their contributions to any of the following:

  • a specific area of need within a community;
  • any registered Canadian Charity including other United Ways across Canada.

There are costs associated with administering designated donations. All designated donations are charged a 5% administration fee (for the handling, processing and remittance of funds). Payroll pledges and payroll designations to specific Agencies are charged an additional 5% to cover the uncollectible pledge loss. (ie: Employee pledges $100 through payroll deduction but may be laid off or quits and does not honor pledge. United Way still distributes $90 ($100 – 10%) to the designated agency.) to Top

Q: Is there a minimum amount that can be designated to any one agency or option?

A: Yes. To be cost-effective and provide the greatest return for funded agencies, the minimum designation to any one specific agency or area of service is $25.00. to Top

Q: If I designate part of my gift to a certain agency through United Way, how can I be sure that my donation will be directed to that agency?

A: In cases of designated donation we encourage Agencies to send a thank you letter. You can call the agency to which you have directed your funds for confirmation that they have received your donation. to Top

Q: When will designated agencies receive my donation?

A: Payments to designated agencies are made three times annually, beginning in February (cash), June and December (payroll). to Top

Q: How much of my contribution actually gets to the agencies?

A: At least 84 cents of each dollar raised goes back to community agencies and services. This is a much higher return than if each agency conducted its own campaign. to Top

Q: How much does United Way spend on fundraising and administration?

A: United Way prides itself on its excellent record as a low-overhead charitable organization and a leader in cost-efficient fundraising. Administration and fundraising costs total 16 cents on the dollar. to Top

Q: What are the tax advantages of charitable giving?

A: Donations to United Way fully qualify for charitable tax credits from the federal and provincial governments. The federal tax credit is calculated at 15% on the first $200 donated and 29% on the remaining eligible portion of donations made in that year. In addition, the New Brunswick tax credit is 9.39% on the first $200 and 17.95% on the remaining portion. The combined effect of the federal and provincial tax credits generates total tax savings of 24% to 41% or more of the value of your gift – a very substantial saving!


Amount of Donation $200 $500 $750 $1,000
Federal Tax Credit $30.00 $117.00 $189.50 $262.00
N.B. Tax Reduction $19.36 $73.21 $118.90 $162.96
Total Tax Saving $49.36 $190.21 $307.59 $424.96
Net Cost of gift $150.64 $309.79 $442.41 $575.04

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Q: How does the HST affect my donation?

A: Charitable donations are exempt from the HST. to Top

Q: Why do some agencies have their own fundraising drives even though they receive money from the United Way?

A: Typically, United Way funds are used by agencies to help cover operating and program expenses. If an agency needs a new building, has some other major capital expense, or requires additional operating funds, it may conduct its own fundraising drive. All agencies are expected to diversify their funding sources and demonstrate how they are working towards sustainability. to Top

Q: Why does the campaign goal keep increasing?

A: The need for United Way services, support and human care is increasing! The basic need grows along with continued growth in the population, changes in family structure, a rapidly aging population, and continued high rates of poverty. to Top

Q: Doesn’t the government provide money to help agencies?

A: All levels of government fund specific areas of needs such as unemployment, education, training and health care. Many government departments also fund programs delivered by agencies, but many necessary services do not qualify for government funding.  to Top

Q: Why should I give to United Way when I never use any of the agency services?

A: When you give, you are helping make a difference in your community. Whether you have used any United Way agencies or not, chances are you know someone who has benefited from at least one of our programs or services. United Way’s campaign supports many health and social service agencies including youth services, crisis intervention, health care and services for the elderly right here in your community. to Top

Q: I live outside the Greater Moncton area. Why should I give if there are no agencies where I live?

A: Your United Way donations are used throughout Albert, Westmorland and Kent Counties. While the majority of our funded agencies are located in Greater Moncton, many clients throughout the region travel to the Greater Moncton area to receive services. Some of our funded Agencies,offer satellite offices, and run programs throughout the region. to Top