The Star Coach

You and me!

All Star Coaches are people who see the potential in our boys and who can and want to help and challenge them to see it too!

Coaches look out for others; they are empathetic, promote independent thinking, they respect friendships, diversity, learning and lead through example. Coaches care; they are positive role models helping boys out on their journey.

The reason

Not only does Research tell us, but today’s youth are telling us that they (in particular boys) are lacking some of the essential skills that will determine their success as adults. Even with strong family role models, extra-curricular activities and education opportunities, boys are struggling to develop compassion and sensitivity to others, empathy and friendship skills, and a desire for lifelong learning. All Star Coaches are answering the call; they are helping today’s youth grow into successful involved citizens.

Our boys want and need strong male role models and people who will help them believe in their potential!








Peaceful resolution of conflicts


 19% of boys read for pleasure.

43% of boys place a high value on helping other people

54% of boys are motivated to do well in school

59% of boys are actively engaged in learning


All services projects and initiatives are aligned with the positive, strength based approach to youth development outlined in the Developmental Assets™ framework.

If you’re interested in taking the pledge and becoming an all star coach e-mail Paul Toner or call 858-8600.